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“Losing Sleep” By Ferraro

Final Rating: 7/10

This is Ferraro’s debut album. For their first one, I thought this was pretty good. They have already developed a consistent style, which is awesome. I think the focal point in the band would be the vocals, they are extremely strong and what I enjoyed most about the album. He has such a nice voice that flows so well, and I think he can do a lot with it. I feel like its a voice than can go with a variety of different styles, it doesn’t sound like a voice that can only go with one particular genre.

With all of this being said, this album unfortunately just didn’t stand out to me. I listened to it a few times but, it just didn’t “wow” me. I think a lot of the riffs sounded quite similar, and much of it just blended together. I found it quite similar to Arkells, especially in their earlier days – almost too similar. 

A few songs that I did find somewhat memorable would be My Girl (losing for you), Hipshake, and Coffee and Smokes. My Girl (losing for you) was a fun intro, and I think it displayed vocals and instrumentals very well , a very diverse track. Hipshake was a fun track, what made it stand out to me was the percussion. As for Coffee and Smokes, I liked that he changed up his vocal style here. He made his voice much more rigid, and I think it is one track that did stand out from the others because it had a much more unique style in comparison to the rest of the album.

I honestly did try to get into this album, but I really couldn’t. I think maybe it is because it does sound so similar to Arkells (which I have listened very much to), so its almost like I’ve heard this before. I still do think this is really good for a debut album. They have confidence in their vocals and instrumentals, and there is some nice overlapping here. It is constructed and produced well, and I applaud them for that. I would say most debut albums for smaller bands don’t sound as clear as this one did, so I really do keep that in mind. I also don’t doubt that if they release another album or single, it may just catch my eye. I think this band does have a lot of potential to work on variation and expanding on their style, because there most definately is some talent here. He has such a strong voice, and I really want to see what else he can do with it as I believe he has the ability to pull off a number of different genres and style. I just really want to see them expand on their style overall, have something that makes them different from other bands.

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