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“Purgatory” by Summer Salt

This week, I’v chosen Purgatory by Summer Salt. This is an Alternative/Rock/Punk band from Austin, Texas. The band includes Matt Terry, Eugene Chung, and Phil Baier.

They are currently with ATH Records in Austin, Texas. This is an independent label that specializes in Pop Music, according to their description.

I absolutely love this song. I think it has so many great elements; vocals, instrumentals, emotion, as well as many build ups and come downs. After my first listen of this song, it instantly affected me emotionally. This is definitely a song about a break up , as he says “I won’t pick up the phone though I am here alone, tormented by your ghost”. That line really hit me, and I think he portreys the emotion so well in his voice, its beautiful. I think he’s angry about the breakup, but he still misses his significant other. It’s almost like he’s trying to make himself believe he doesn’t miss this person, but deep down he knows that he misses them more than anything, as he reminisces on certain moments throughout the song. This song has a really good build up from the beginning as it gets more intense with instrumentals and emotion. I also love the breakdown at 2:20, there are some beautiful riffs there, and it was very unexpected. I just love how genuine this song is if you listen really close to the lyrics, and a song really hasn’t hit me so hard in a while to be perfectly honest.

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