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“Shalala” by Moses Gunn Collective

Moses Gunn Collective is a 5 piece Psychedlic Rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They became recognizable as local artists however, are becoming much more popular to the world around them. They released their debut album Mercy Mountain in May 2015, so approximately one year ago. They are currently with Create Control records, which is a newer record label to the scene. They give higher returns to artists, as well as immerse them in newer technology. Paul Piticco created this label within the Australian music scene, along with a team.

I love everything about this song. It has both an Indie Rock and Psychedelic feel to it, making it diverse. I love the slow plucked guitar intro, and how this sequence repeats throughout the entire song. I really enjoy the subtle “Shalalalala”’s throughout the song, I think that they make the song what it is and give it uniqueness. Also, the rustic yet smooth feel to his voice adds stylization to this song. Additionally, the way the song is slower and more calm before the chorus, almost adds a feel of a “release” in a way once the chorus comes; its refreshing in a way.

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