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Thrice with La Dispute at Sound Academy

Thrice performed at the newly renovated Sound Academy last week, bringing their To Be Everywhere is Nowhere tour to Toronto. This popular alternative / metal band had a sold out crowd for their show.

They performed a tight set, although they were more heard than seen. As a photographer they were very difficult to photograph, and I also heard people in the crowd make that same remark. Plenty of back lit laser lights and a huge screen behind them displaying their name, but their faces where mostly shrouded in almost complete darkness. But that certainly didn’t stop the crowd from singing along to many of their songs.


Songs performed that evening where:



Of Dust and Nations

All the World is Mad

Black Honey


Stay With Me

The Long Defeat

Wood and Wire

The Sky is Falling


Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

Hold Fast Hope

Blood on the Sand

Death From Above

Yellow Belly

For Miles



The Artist in the Ambulance

In Years to Come

The Earth Will Shake

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