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“Feels Like Magic” by Sports

Sports is a “dream pop” band originating out of Oklahoma. The band began playing together in grade school, and went through multiple different names until deciding on “Sports”, which describes the members lack of athleticism. The trio consists of brothers Jacob Theirot (bassist), Christian Theriot (guitarist), and Cale Chronister (vocalist).

“Feels Like Magic” is from their debut LP, Naked All the Time. This was recorded at Blackwatch Studio in Norman, Oklahoma, and released in 2015. With this being said, many of the tracks were recorded at separate band member’s home studios, but were finalized at Blackwatch Studios.

This track is so catchy because of its 80’s inspired dream pop style. As soon as the track begins, you instantly hear that up-beat and feel good synthesizing in collaboration with some slight drumming and guitar. The subtle guitar riff in this intro is the absolute perfect touch to this intro, giving it even more of an 80’s feel. This is a feel good and fun track about the realization that you may be in love with someone. The bride at 1:50 is a nice asset to this song as the vocalists voice takes a more lower approach, and it is also very quick and attention grabbing as the track becomes more quite, in comparison to the rest of the up beat track. The highlight of this track is without a doubt the instrumentals as they are so 80’s inspired and so fun. There is so much variety in this song instrumentally and it flows together extremely well.


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