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“Little Fourth of July” by Petite League

Petite League is an Indie Rock duo currently based out of Boston, MA. The rock duo consists of Lorenzo Gillis Cook doing Vocals, guitar, bass, and Henry Schoonmaker on drums. They spend majority of their time playing around New York, and had close ties with Scarier Dome.

Scarier Dome was basically a house in Syracuse where they would allow bands to come play “house” style shows, and would also be used as a recording space. Students that attended Syracuse University rented out this house during the time that they attended the university, which then turned it into a hit venue for up and coming Indie bands, and a recording space in which they would hold “VHS Sessions”, that can be viewed on their Facebook page. Now that the students that were living in the house have graduated, it is no longer going on.

I chose the song “Little Fourth of July”, which was released on their album “Slugger”, which was released earlier this year. This is a really cutesy Indie Rock song about loving someone, and I fell in love with it after the first listen. Additionally, it has a surf rock vibe to it with its lighter sounding guitar riffs, and the style of Cook’s vocals. It’s about falling in love at being a young age, and how naïve the situation can be. Then again, its also about how fun it is as well. My favourite lyric in this up beat and catchy tune would be “I love you like a wasp loves honey”. This is a great summer song.

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