LiL MIX Volume 39

For my first LiL playlist, I would like to not only show off my mad playlist-ing skills but also a taste of the person am I. Enjoy some oldies and newbies.

  1. Lost- Stickup Kid
  2. Head In The Ceilling Fan- Title Fight
  3. Oversized- Basement
  4. Gum-Moose Blood
  5. Constant Headache- Joyce Manor
  6. Dizzy On the Comedown- Turnover
  7. Figure You Out- Citizen
  8. Okay I believe you, But My Tommy Gun Don’t- Brand New
  9. Everyday- Modern Baseball
  10. I Felt Free- Circa Survive
  11. Never Meant-American Football
  12. All The Pain- SuperHeaven
  13. Heading For the Sun- Alexisonfire
  14. When The Sun Goes Down- Arctic Monkeys
  15. Jeremy-  Pearl Jam
  16. Safari- The Breeders
  17. Always: Your Way- My Vitirol
  18. Your Best American Girl- Mitski
  19. Surf Wax America- Weezer
  20. Get Away- Yuck
About author

Maryam Said is freelance writer for two music blogs as well as a musician. Big fan of potatoes and Alternative rock. Follow Maryam on twitter : @mmmshadows