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Brad Paisley with Tyler Farr, & Maddie and Tae at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Two absolutely adorable young ladies graced the stage at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on a beautiful Thursday evening.  Maddie and Tae hailing from Texas and Oklahoma, eventually moving to Nashville and it has paid off.  They both having amazing voices but one comes to expect that when you are singing country music.  They tried a couple times to get the audience involved but I am not sure how many people knew their songs.  The audience was very appreciative of it and tried to sing their best.  All in all the audience seemed to enjoy them quite a bit 

Mr. Tyler Farr was the next act to hit the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre stage and you could tell the crowd was getting a bit anxious for the headliner.  People were double fisting beers everywhere you looked using their mouths to hold their tickets to give to the ushers.  Tyler decided the Molson Amphitheatre crowd looked like a “potluck dinner” but I am not sure where he was looking.  Cowboy hats, cowboy boots and beers were in abundance.   I do have to say Tyler’s guitar player was wearing a Guns N Roses T shirt with a mohawk, who says rock and country aren’t the same.  There is a very fine line between the two nowadays.  I saw him standing at the media area when I walked up and even mentioned you don’t see that everyday at a country show.

Tyler did a cover of The Outfileds “I don’t wanna loose your love tonight”. Which got huge screams from the crowd, this was the most appreciation I saw from the crowd thus far thought the whole evening, some got out of their seats and danced.  Someone in the front of the floors even managed to get Tyler to sign their cowboy hat at the end of their last song,  kudos to you Tyler!  The whole set had a great pace to it.  It slowed down when it needed to be slowed down and got loud just when the audience wanted it the most.   I am pretty sure from what I saw the audience loved every second of Tyler’s performance.  

The man,  the main event,  Brad Paisley came out on the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre stage to a standing, screaming, exuberant crowd.  The crowd stayed standing, dancing and singing for the remainder of the the evening.  Every Time their favourite song (which happens to be all of them) the cheers got longer and louder as the night progressed.  On the LED screen at the back of the stage during “Country Nation” they showed the Blue Jays team playing and wow I thought the cheers were loud at the beginning of the show., nothing compared to when the Blue Jays graced the screen.  Nothing like showing a little bit of pride in Blue Jay Country.  

My favourite part of the night by far was when Brad went to a very young fan at the front of the stage and presented him with a guitar and said “learn how to play it kid”. Nothing but smiles throughout the whole entire amphitheatre.  For the second time this evening I got to witness two artist sign stuff while they were playing from fans in the audience while their song was still going on.  

Tyler came out and sang with Brad during “I’m still a guy” and the banter between them on stage was infectious.  The fans in the audience ate up every second of this.  The duo even grabbed a phone from the audience and did a selfie with someone’s camera, as well as a video with someone else’s.   A little bit of laughter goes a long way and of course the audience loved it.

Not to be outdone Maddie and Tae joined Brad on stage and sang “Whiskey Lullaby”. Their voices blended perfectly.  Each taking their turn singing showcasing each of their talents.  This song is a bit more subdued so their was no horsing around as the previous guest spot.

Brad took a walk or should I say run all the way into the 300 level of the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and said “wow does it smell like maple leafs” then serenaded the 300 and 400 level with his song “Then” and stayed there for the beginning of “Beat This Summer” before he took a walk through the rest of the amphitheatre and all the women screamed as he made his way back to the stage. 

There was no flashy gimmicks, no pyro, and the only thing on the stage was the band and a make shift bar with 10 guests who got to watch the show from stage.  (Pretty sweet spot to watch the show if you ask me).  But in all honesty nothing more was needed. Good music, bright lights, a great band and an appreciative audience what more do you need to put on a great show. 

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show! 

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