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“Can’t Stop Thinking” by Tomemitsu

Tomemitsu is Martin Tomemitsu Roark. He grew up in the Bay Area, but is currently based out of Los Angeles. He performs under the name Tomemitsu, and has been making music for as long as he can remember. He often describes his music as “bedroom recordings” from Echo park, California. His style is extremely laid back and relaxing, with an Indie vibe to it. He works with Chill Mega Chill Records. This is an extremely Independent label, which has been in the scene since 2011.

I chose the song “Can’t Stop Thinking” which is the first track off of his new album, Loaf Eye which was released May 20th, 2016. This opens the album with exactly what it will be – chill. He has a lower, relaxed, and intimate voice that is soothing. I enjoy how organic and real this track is as it is very low key and it is simple to tell how natural the song is. The song features light acoustics and some subtle synthesizing.

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