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Billy Talent with Badflower at Rapids Theatre

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much stamina the band Billy Talent has.  You will completely understand where I am coming from of you have ever witnessed any of their shows.  Even in a hot, sweaty, jam packed venue they gave it their all.  The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls, NY was at capacity on Friday night and they got what they came for, a great concert.  

Crowd surfers were in abundance on Friday to say the least.  Somewhat awkwardly surfing over the crowd’s heads into the pit area, landing on the security guards who quickly escorted them out.  This did however become a bit much for Ben Kowalewicz who asked the fans to be careful of the young ladies in the front.  Even calling out someone who decided it was a good time to surf while he was addressing the crowd, calling him a “fucking dildo” to which the crowd cheered.  Then Ben quickly apologized to the younger fans in the audience saying sorry for using the word dildo. 

Billy Talent was on their “A” game tonight playing, of course, all their hits “Try Honesty”, “Devil On My Shoulder” and “River Below”.   I got the opportunity to watch the show from a very close, cordoned off area (thanks to security) and was able to witness the sweat literally pouring off them.  Their shirts were soaked to the bone, but still,  even being that hot, Ben was jumping around on stage like nothing I have witnessed before, except for the last time I saw them perform not that long ago.  

With approximately 60% of the crowd at The Rapids Theater being Canadian, Ben took the opportunity to do some light hearted ribbing towards the Buffalo Sabres and announced to the fans that there was a Sabres tattoo removal area by the merch table, to which got a bunch of boos/cheers from the crowd.  It wasn’t all fun and games tho, Billy Talent did a great tribute to Mr. Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip performing “Stand Up and Run”  stating it is “nothing short of inspiring” also saying “the power of music unites all of us”, and isn’t that the truth. 

I love music, I love Canadian music, and I love the fact that I can say Billy Talent, ya they’re Canadian.

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show! 

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