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Dress Black with Rains Over St. Ambrose at Adelaide Hall

Playing in support of Paint, a Toronto band celebrating their newest album release, Dress Black was the featured opening act. The four-piece that specializes in funky soulful music that still rocks and is irresistible to dance to played a tight eight-song set at Adelaide Hall. The band is currently working on a new album that they promised would be out some time in the near future. The band currently only has one EP that comprises three songs and two singles all of which was played throughout the set. The three other songs played included Man on Wire (a song I hope is inspired by the great film of the same name) and Found Another both of which were fantastic to hear for the first time. The band made sure to promote their music video for Weekend, a hilarious clip that features the four members in split screen that have them somehow both separated but still very much connected. The fact that everyone rushed away from the bar to the floor as soon as they played, packing the venue is a sign that these guy’s are a can’t-miss act. They will be back in the city in December at The Horseshoe, in which I suspect will be another packed show.

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