23: Jassie Justice

In the 23rd episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah and Mandi are talking to Jassie Justice ‘Trash Panda’, a non-binary intersex/trans fury femmebot. Jassie is a poet, community organizer, student, educator and sex worker. Jassie is currently working with Spit, a Toronto-based company that is committed to creating porn with an anti-oppressive lens and ensuring ethical labour standards are upheld. They talk about wide range of subjects, including what it means to have what Jassie refers to as ‘ethical porn’, what it means to create porn from an anti-oppressive and feminist perspective, morality, workers rights, BDSM, capitalism, how ethical porn can be used to educate young people about sex and sexuality, as well as about an upcoming event called “Sex 101″ event that will be hosted by Spit and Silence is Violence U of Toronto at Toronto’s Oasis Aqualounge sex club.


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