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Song Premiere: “She Rules My World” by Josh Ross

She Rules My World is a tender loving song with easy on the ears instrumentation and is sure to be a favourite at future weddings. Josh Ross shares us his inspiration for the track.

“I wrote “She Rules My World” as an autobiographical song about the very real joys and hardships of living lovingly with my wife. It’s not always easy to be the man that she needs, and although I realize that she often needs more than I could ever give, she gives me a reason to live for more. She makes me want to be a better person every day.”

“This single from my upcoming album, “Love Never Fails,” is an important part of the project. This love song speaks the truth about loving your soulmate and best friend, even when it’s not easy.

This album, is an honest, human look at love. Though it has romantic elements, it doesn’t hide from the truth of real relationships. It reveals both the beauty and, at times, the ugliness of living a life of authentic love. You don’t get to experience anything that is truly worth it in life without some sacrifice. In addition to love and romance, it takes work, intentionality, and a commitment to keep caring about the other person to make a relationship last. That is what I hope to convey in my music.

I believe that it is possible to create a culture in which we authentically care about each other. I also believe that regardless of the obstacles, true love will never fail. In the moment, we as individuals may fail. But, with the support of our family, our friends, our community, and God, we will overcome. We will be successful. We will love deeply.”

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