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Balance and Composure with Foxing and Mercury Girls at The Opera House

The Opera House in Toronto became home to small town Pennsylvanian’s Balance and Composure for the night.  Creating an intimate atmosphere, the headliners touring with Mercury Girls and Foxing perform a humbling show.

The topic of the night revolved around the latest election that took place last week, as the touring bands where from different states of the US, they all held a collective opinion on their president elect, Donald Trump.

Foxing, a small 5 piece band hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, stated their distaste for their president elect- Trump, which included fans in the audience to reply with same amount of distaste, booing and yelling “F*** Trump!” Introducing their set with a mix of guitars and trumpets, the band began the show with a tasteful sound. Different parts of their musical styling was true to their genre, indie rock, but some aspect of their sound seemed to stray, which included using a wind instrument.  Although they don’t have a current late album as of this year, the band played various songs from The Albatross (2013) as well as Dealer (2015).

Balance and Composure performed an incredible set. Despite being sick and losing his voice lead singer, Jon Simmons, was still able to carry the show. The band’s latest album, Light We Made (2016), a different vibe from their debut album, Separation (2011) showcased the band’s versatility as songwriters. Songs like “Post-Card” got the crowd moving and singing along. A song, that has an early 00’s rock feel, felt like a time warp back into the past but in a good way. The post hardcore band concluded their set, after being encored back to stage, with an old song off their debut, Separation (2011), for the “OG Balance and Composure fans.”


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