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“As Long As We’re Together” by The Lemon Twigs

60’s inspired, abstract, and fresh is who The Lemon Twigs are. Brian and Micheal D’Addario are two brothers from Long Island inspired by their Father, who are teen sensations. These multi-instrumentalists are a newer band, and want to show people that although they may just be teens, they can rock 60’s style music with a unique twist of their own. They are influenced by Brian Wilson, The Beatles, the Zombies, Big Star, and more; this is very evident in their music. They signed with 4AD (record company) in 2015, and have released their debut album “Do Hollywood” on October 14th, 2016.

4AD is a British indie record label, originating in 1980. Ivo Watts-Russel and Peter Kent created it, with funding from Beggars Banquet. They have signed artists such as Pixies, St.Vincent, Ariel Pink, Red House Painters, and more. Overall, they are reputable for starting artists off.

This week, I have chosen their song “As Long As We’re Together”. This is a song with many ups and downs, detailed riffs and layering of piano, guitar, drums, and 60’s sounding vocals. I love this song because it has such a variety in tempo and sound as it can sometimes be slow, sometimes fast- sometimes quiet, and sometimes loud. I just love how unexpected it is, yet it flows so well. Along with this, it tells an awesome story. Take a listen, and check them out at The Horseshoe Tavern on January 23rd.

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