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“Before She Leaves” by Colonico

This week, I chose the tune “Before She Leaves” by Andrew Colonico, who goes by “Colonico”. Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist from Welland, Ontario. He has been playing music all of his life, and began singing during his teen years. His flexibility in style and genre , and ability to flow so well between them is an important aspect in his talent. His ability to play a variety of different instruments along with his intricate vocals continues to amaze listeners, as he makes it seem as it is done ever so effortlessly. He is also the singer of band “Revive the Rose”, but is not with any record label yet. 

“Before She Leaves” is my favourite track off of his debut solo album, “Chapters”. All of the music on this album is very personal and intimate, as it all is in relation so experiences in his life, and those around him. He easily takes inspiration from these situations, and turns them into these personal pieces of sound. It cost Colonico only $100 to make this record, only spent on the mastering- otherwise, this was recorded in the artists bedroom, on his own. This makes the record so special as it is a personal and well done album made by an independent artist, in his own personal space. The reason why I love “Before She Leaves” is because of the acoustics, lyricism, and layering of vocals. Guitar in beginning of song and in between verses gives me a bit of a “City and Colour” feel, with a twist of his own. The whole song is so personal and raw, and it is something that more people need to hear.

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