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The Lemon Twigs with Sports Fan at the Horseshoe Tavern

Photos by Janine Wong

This was my first show of 2017, and it was jaw dropping. The Lemon Twigs add something fresh and completely new to the independent music scene, and it wont be long before they break out of it because of their modern day 60’s style that is so unique. The Lemon Twigs are like a modern day Queen with their exciting interludes, strong vocals, funky clothing, and unique performance. They could work a little bit on chemistry between the band on stage however, they put on such a fun show that you pretty much want to never end. The show brought their album “Do Hollywood” that takes you away from reality back into another era, to life.

The sold out crowd enjoyed every second of this performance. An aspect I really enjoyed was how older brother Brian played the first half of the show, and he younger brother took frontman for the second part. It kept the show interesting and gave you two different perpective as Brian is a fun and composed, and Micheal dances and lets himself go. They opened with “I Wanna Prove to You”, which left the audience amazed. It really made me feel as if I was in the 60’s between their wardrobe, and 60’s rock style music. They put on a nearly flawless performance, with really only one aspect to improve on- chemistry. Additionally, everyone seemed to be dressed in unison aside from the bass player.

I love how the show is somewhat family orientated as the two brothers are in the band together, and they even covered one of their fathers (Ronnie D’addario) older songs that he made back in the day, titled “Love Stepped Out”. Brian explained how it didn’t sell back in the day, but you can buy it now! They also take a lot of inspiration and talent from their Father, as he was also a singer and multi-instrumentalist like them.

Another feature of the show is the perfect harmonization between band members, as they perfectly collaborate.

My favourite part of the show would be the flawless performance of “Baby Baby”. This song is filled with surprises and a really exciting interlude that is repeated unexpectedly throughout the song. The best part is just when you think the song is over- its not, and you hear that exciting riff one more time.

I highly recommend seeing The Lemon Twigs- it really is a treat. Their music and performance will take you away, and easily let you groove and dance to the music. The show is also filled with a lot of laughter and fun.


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