World Premiere

Video Premiere: “Pouring it Out” by Steve Tyssen feat. Jess Lean

Pouring It Out is a duet written by Steve Tyssen and features Jess Lean of The Brains Trust on vocals.

“Jess is an old friend of mine so it was a no brainer asking her to sing on the track – and we had so many laughs recording it too! The song is basically about reaching the breaking point in a bad relationship or situation” -Steve Tyssen

“The clip offers a notion that relationships sometimes manifest the individuals into playing a certain characters, keeping a certain idea of each other over time. A materialized society has forced an insecure hand over people, where our identity is categorized into a box or stereotype. In world under constant surveillance and judgment, the characters in the clip are a heightened version of themselves, a creation by fear and expectation.

The collaboration was an open canvas from the beginning with Steve Tyssen, who’s positive energy open mind allowed for creative ideas to be voiced. Our producer, Grace Julia banded together a small team of creatives and sourced an old abandoned warehouse in Brisbane as a location. Corey Donaldson provided the unique visuals and Jess Moxon searched far and wide around Brisbane sourcing props. The clip provided a subtle message to stop and smell the flowers every once and a while.” -Writer and director Bradley Murnane from Spilting Films

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