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Sofi Tukker at the Drake Hotel

New York duo, Sofi Tukker are not exactly new to Toronto, after playing a show previously to a crowd of ten or so people as mentioned by lead Sophie Hawley-Weld, but they have come a long way just selling out two nights at the Drake Underground. One of things I love about new acts is not knowing too much about them and experiencing the music first-hand. Heading into the venue tonight, I did not know too much of the group. I had previous thought it was name of the lead singer, “Sofi Tukker”, but in actuality, and corrected by the promoter, comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld, and Tucker Halpern.

Going in tonight I was anticipating a more youthful, glittered filled crowd of hardcore fans tonight but quite surprised the crowd was interspersed between all ages.  The dance heavy, pop infectious duo did not disappoint on night two.  Being in the thick of the crowd one point, all I remember was arms flailing, singing and people dancing their hearts out.  An entourage of girls upfront interacted the most with the singers with one of the girls crouching on stage, gesticulating in bliss and hair swinging in the air.  Sophie and Tucker both also got into the thick of things, coming off-stage into the crowd during their set. The jungle infused beats and Brazillian instrumentation kept the dancing going from start to finish, and left the crowd wanting more.  Their popular track “Drinkee” is just as wildly infectious on first listen as it is fun seeing performed live. They released their first EP, Soft Animals late last year.  It was one of the best and funnest show so far this year, definitely keep an eye on these two cause I imagine they will likely become very popular very soon, playing much larger crowds.

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