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Video Premiere: “Who Am I” by The Junction

Local legends The Junction are back with a new live video for Who Am I, a single from their upcoming album City Nights that is set to come out May 19th Culvert Music. The video was made in partnership with Collective Arts Brewing and shot at the aptly named Junction City Music Hall, right here in Toronto.

The Junction said goodbye to their old van (known dearly as Vancarz) a few years back and have recently made a series of live videos to give listeners a glimpse of what’s to come on their upcoming LP. The series was shot in an afternoon at the Junction City Music hall in Toronto’s west end. When asked about the process director Sabre Dane said:

“I think the biggest thing for me that made the process cool was that we walked in to a bar only with the idea that we were making a live video but without any rehearsal, or much prep – only knowing it had a recording setup. We had limited gear, three cameras, whatever mics Adam brought and we pulled lights from the bar’s back room, some from behind couches. We were really relying on the team we built for it. Executing with so many equipment and prep limitations and coming out with what we did…I was really happy. In the end I think that chalks up to the fact that all of us have worked with each other so much over the years now and know how to pull anything off. It’s cool creating something on the fly like that, especially with some of your closest friends. Very natural process.”

Singer/Guitarist Brent Jackson speaks to where the song came from:

“As the title implies, “Who Am I” is a self-reflection piece posing the question of the internal connection with oneself. It’s crucial to be certain of who you are in order to be assertive when mingling in the outside world. The song came from a darker place, a personal place, and acknowledges anxieties felt from social environments. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t hang around if it isn’t your scene. If you feel off or something’s not right, act on it. You’ll understand the importance of taking that step if you know who you are.”

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