Concert Reviews

Maggie Rogers with Jil at the Mod Club

Photographs by Neil Van

From bringing Pharrell to tears to putting out an ep to announcing her first tour, a lot of change has occurred for Maggie Rogers over the past year. Playing sold out show after show the singer/songwriter and producer made waves and captured hearts Tuesday night when she played Toronto’s own Mod Club.

Warming up the crowd with their electronic soundscapes layered with beautiful soulful vocals was Jil, The electro space pirates from new york. They played a fairly short set with an assortment of released and unreleased tracks, ending with a peek at another one of their unreleased songs “radio sex”.

Starting off her set promptly at 9 pm maggie rogers brought the wilds of Alaska to the intimate setting of Toronto’s Mod club with the first track off her ep with “color song”. Though being a fairly slow and soft song she brought up the energy with “on + off” and “dog years”.

Maggie rogers waited up until the end to play her hit single “Alaska”. After her set, the crowd engulfed with energy began to chant and cheer till she was brought out for and an encore performance of The Sundays “where the story ends”.

Hearing “Alaska” for the first time was such a release and the whole set, in general, was a joy to experience. After North America, Maggie Rogers is set to continue her tour in Europe, Austrailia, and Japan.