5 Life Lessons Learned from Captain Jack Sparrow

One of the hottest films of the summer is just around the corner, but I got a chance to attend an exclusive members screening of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Yep. I had the pleasure of being one of the first Canadians to see the fifth instalment of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ongoing adventures. A whole ten-days before everyone else! Lucky Virgin Mobile Members also won the chance to check out the film at another advanced screening this week! How cool is that?

Having now seen all five films in the series, and especially with the newest chapter, I have learned five important life lessons from our favourite pirate. 

WARNING: the follow will contain spoilers from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales…

You have been warned!





Seriously, don’t send hate mail, you’ve been thoroughly warned! 😉

1. “Never let love go.”

    • Jack loves nothing more than being at sea. He loves his ship the Black Pearl. But also symbolically his compass. The compass not only represents the direction, but where your heart is guiding you. Jack was in a really bad place at the beginning of the film and traded off his compass for a bottle of ale. By doing so, he brought forth an army of the dead. Don’t betray the compass. 

2. “Money isn’t everything.”

  • In one of the most thrilling heist scenes in movie history, we see Jack and his crew rob the unbreakable bank. Literally the entire bank was hauled through the city. But having left the doors of the vault wide open with all the gold spilling into the streets, he had only a single gold coin to for show for it. And while it wasn’t much, the adventure was still worth it. 

3. “There is always a way to win.”

  • In Dead Men Tells No Tells, we are treated to an unprecedented flashback into the past. We see a young Jack Sparrow aboard the last ship among a drowning fleet at the grasp of Captain Salazar. When all hope seems lost, Jack gets the attention of Salazar, baiting him and giving himself a chance. Jack cleverly maneuvers his ship out of the way, and Salazar heads straight into the cursed Devil’s Triangle. 

4. “Good friends are important.”

  • There is a point in Dead Men Tell No Tales, where an imprisoned Jack Sparrow has to pick his fate. And what does Jack say to the guillotine? “It sounds French”. Of course he did. And he almost loses his head for it. But because he’s got a solid crew, they saved his back. 

5. “Love can be found in the most unlikely places “

  • I’m not totally sure if Captain Jack realizes it with his alcohol issues, but he has a pretty decent success rate of hooking couples up. He’s essentially the matchmaker of the sea. Through all the insane gun fights, brawls, and treasure hunting, he’s brought together not only Henry Turner and Carina Smyth but also Henry’s famous parents Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan.  

While Jack Sparrow can be the most random and spontaneous character you could come across, he will always have his charm and wit. So now you’re all set to live out your days on the high seas! 

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