Song of the Day : “Brick by Brick” by Waves That Stray

The first single from Waves That Stray – the fresh solo project from Toronto songwriter Sean MacLean – is aptly named. With a new name, a new song, and a new video, this is definitely a “Brick By Brick” operation. Luckily, brick is solid.

After years of experience supporting the likes of Blue Rodeo and The Flatliners, MacLean has prepped himself for this venture. The debut single is a dreamy, electro-rock record, driven by layered vocal and guitar riffs. Think John Mayer with a drum machine and a backbone. “Brick By Brick” repeats one hook, reminding the listener that this life shit ain’t easy but ultimately “it’s going to be alright”.

Coupled with the song’s release is a quirky and colourful music video. Filmed in an empty loft above The Hoxton, the video features a diverse cast of true Torontonians, spontaneously gathered through an open casting call. They are authentic, fun, and free, all of them quality representatives of the city’s lower west side. The video is a journey through the lives of perfect strangers and the personalities they have harvested as a direct result of their time in Toronto. It is one man’s love letter to his city, told through the souls of those who make it what it is.

Paired perfectly, both the single and its visual counterpart are a welcome introduction to Waves That Stray. We sincerely hope there is more where this came from. With MacLean’s track record, we don’t doubt there is.

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