Listen to Wesley Attew’s sweet new single, “The Only One”

Born and raised in the UK, with his family in Dubai and his heart in Toronto, folk singer- songwriter Wesley Attew has seen a thing or two in his 25 years. After arriving on Canadian soil, Attew started performing across Toronto and released his debut EP “The Other Side” in 2016. Now based in Vancouver, the first single since his debut is an ode to the city that fuelled his love affair with the Great North.

“The Only One” is a simple and raw portrayal of Attew’s time at The Only Backpackers Inn, a hostel nestled in the heart of Danforth. The hook is a familiar sentiment. With his slightly gruff and twangy vocals, Attew sings about new friends, drunken nights, and first loves, while tossing in subtle nods to Toronto.

Guided by Attew’s signature acoustic sound, “The Only One” toys with tempo, taking the listener on a whirlwind journey that mimics the one in the lyrics. His vocals speak to a collection of influences, from Van Morrison to Billy Joe Armstrong.

With its basic band backdrop and sing-along melody, Attew’s new single is an easy addition to your summer road mix. More than that, it is a sweet sounding love letter to the city – through the eyes of an outsider turned Torontonian.

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