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blessthefall, Stick To Your Guns, Andy Black, and more at Warped Tour 2017

Not even torrential downpours and flooding could stop fans from attending the 22nd annual Warped Tour in Buffalo, NY. What started out as an uphill battle for the tour as doors had to be pushed back and stages had to be relocated due to flooding, ended up being a spectacular day for fans as the day progressed.

This year’s lineup was very diverse as you had artists ranging from pop punk to metalcore to even hip hop! That has always been something that I admired most about Warped, with so many different artists on the tour, there is bound to be something for everybody. If you’re really adventurous then you’re also inclined to discover some new music that you never would have given a chance to otherwise.

The main stages, Mutant North and Mutant South, was where you’d find the usual Warped Tour suspects such as blessthefall, Emmure, Silverstein, and Stick To Your Guns. While side stages such as Journey’s Left Foot and Skullcandy hosted artists like Watsky, CKY, Big D and the Kids Table, and War on Women.

Not only is Warped a great way to discover new music, but it’s also a great way to bring awareness to a bunch of really cool non-profits. Hope For The Day, which provides outreach and mental health education through self-expression platforms, and Feed Our Children Now, which helps bring food to kids in need, as just some of the foundations on this year’s tour.

I have to admit, it does get a little overwhelming with running around trying to soak up as many artists as humanly possible and while educating yourself with the amount of non-profits on the tour, but it’s so much fun that the day flies by. Warped Tour runs until August 6th, and the rest of the dates can be seen here

If you’re attending one of the remaining dates, some of our top picks of bands you need to catch this year are : The White Noise, Anti-Flag, Andy Black, blessthefall, Boston Manor, and Watsky.

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