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Cults with Cullen Omori and Hideout at Lee’s Palace

Photos by Neil Van

New York based indie pop band Cults took the stage at Lee’s Palace around roughly eleven o’clock on Friday October 20th, being the 6th stop on their self-titled North American tour.

For the times that I’ve been to Lee’s Palace, I rarely see visuals, usually just a back drop. Cults had two white canvas type stands, in which visuals were projected onto. This really added another dimension to the show.

The setlist was filled with great tunes from the current and past.

Madeline Follin’s presence is so inviting and likeable. She is so down to earth in her stage presence, and this definitely plays a factor in the bands on-stage chemistry. As they just began to play “Never Heal Myself”, the synth player was playing something different but, it ended up being pretty hilarious “I wasn’t ready fr that one, I got confused, Thought you were playing the other one, synthesizers were confusing as shit,” and then the band carried on.

Some of their best performances included “Always Forever”, “Right Words”, “Talk in Circles”, “Good Religion”, and encore/closing performance of “Go Outside”.

Overall, this was a fun and light show with lots of dancing, visuals, and impressive instrumentals that sounded great!

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