How to Preserve Your Natural Beauty – Without Breaking the Bank

More and more people become beauty vloggers or specialize in other beauty-related content (which you can get, for example, at  This common obsession with good looks makes you wonder – what will happen when you lose it all? That is, if you had it in the first place. The question of preserving your beauty is just as painful as covering any defects you might naturally have (or discover in the mirror at some low point in life).

There are costly procedures, of course, that will make you look younger. But chances are, they will also make you look desperate. Surgeries, lifts and other related techniques are effective, but they are also visible. And if you don’t want people to know you’ve made some tweaks to your face, this is not the path to take. 

Are there any other ways to preserve your natural beauty? There are some, of course. They might seem simple and obvious at the first glance, but if you incorporate them into your routine once and stay with them for your entire life, your skin is bound to look much better when you are sixty. Here are these simple routines.

Get enough sleep

No, 6 hours is not enough. 8 is good, but you might need more than that. People are different in their sleep needs, so estimate how much you need and try to stick to that. Under-sleeping on week days and oversleeping on weekends won’t cut it. You need sound beauty sleep every night. It’s not that hard – just put away your phone and turn off your laptop when it’s time to sleep.

Wash your face religiously

Morning and evening, with a gentle cleansing product and a soft towel. Then use some pore tightening product and a moisturizer. The right choice of skin care products is essential. Never EVER go to bed wearing makeup or having all your pores sealed with dust and all the other stuff you pick up during your day at work. 

Go lighter on makeup

Avoid heavy covers that seal your pores and prevent them from breathing. Revisit your makeup routines. Are you sure you need that much mascara, that much eye shadow, and that much blush? Regular makeup products might not be as bad as professional ones, but they will still take a toll on your skin with regular use. So if possible, switch to more natural products and tone it down a little. 

Sun protection – always

Day or night, summer of winter, your skin needs a product with high SPF protection. 20 is fine, 30 is good, 50 is perfect. These might come as standalone creams or be incorporated in moisturizers. Whatever you choose, make a commitment to never EVER go outside not wearing the protection. It will add an additional layer of protection from sun rays, too.

Give up bad habits

This is more of a general health recommendation, but your teeth, your skin, and your lungs will say a big thank you for ridding them of cigarette smoke. Alcohol doesn’t add much in terms of beauty and longevity, too, so it’s a perfect reason to revisit your drinking or smoking routines.