GlamGlow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer

Going into 2018 I wanted to change up my routine and start taking better care of my skin. Since I was a kid, I’ve always suffered from pretty severe eczema and honestly, I always let laziness get the best of me and never put in the effort to take care of my flareups. With that said, when I did have the time to put into my skin I found myself trying to find the most moisturizing creams but always ended up with products that left my skin with an oily film.

While I was in Sephora looking at the other GlamGlow masks, I came across this moisturizer.When I first read up on it, it sounded pretty gimmicky as it claims to be a “water cream that is developed with moisture-lock technology that immediately bursts into skin-quenching water drops on contact for hydration you can see and feel. “… yeah, it sound pretty out there, how can a product quench the thirst of my skin in a way that just tossing water on my face cannot?.. Needless to say, I was pretty skeptical which lead me to ask for a sample before committing to the full size product at 62$ Canadian.

As from the images above, and the fact I’m now writing a review on it.. I absolutely love this moisturizer! It’s truly unlike any other cream I’ve ever had, and I quite honestly wish they had a body version of this so I could use it on more than just my face. The texture is really light and silky, it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy and it smells absolutely amazing! Think the likes of a creamsicle. I will note, how I do find the cream’s scent to be a bit heavy so it might bother you if you’re not big into sickly sweet scents.

I’m not sure if it really holds up to the “72 HR” claim on the box, as I put this on my face in the morning before I do my makeup, and then again at night before I go to bed. I’ve been using this in my routine for 2 weeks now, and I will say that I do notice a difference in my skin. It’s a lot softer and I no longer have dry patches of skin on my face. I’m not sure if it’s just the thought of using an expensive moisturizer on my face talking, but my face is starting to look a lot brighter too after I started using more face masks and moisturizing my skin – overall just putting more time into my skin’s health. This formula surprisingly hasn’t broken me out which tends to be a problem I have with a lot of creams. In a way this reminds me of using gel moisturizers minus the stickiness that tends to follow. The best part is that a little of this cream goes a long way. I just need to lightly tap my finger into this cream 4 times to cover my face.

I highly recommend this if you’re looking to try out a new moisturizer and have problems with dry skin.

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