From The Artist : ” That song talks and gives you the feeling of freedom after being locked somewhere… spiritually or psychically.”

LA-based rocker Decreek has announced the release of his brand new single, “Free,” off his upcoming album My Story, out June 7.

Native Israeli Guy Johnson first turned to music after developing PTSD upon returning from serving in the Israeli military. Music proved to be his most therapeutic outlet, and he enrolled in an Israeli music school shortly thereafter.

After moving to the Netherlands and trying his hand at busking, Johnson decided he wanted to make something of his music career. In 2016, he moved to Los Angeles, where he released the final version of his debut full-length, Remove Those Feelings, containing the singles “Let It Flow”, “Decide”, and “Stop Being Quiet”.

Drawing influence from such artists as Radiohead, The Killers, and Kings of Leon, Decreek’s new brand of raw, emotional alternative rock is a captivating experience for all listeners. But Decreek is not one to be boxed in: “I don’t know how to describe my music,” he says. “That’s very hard for me.” Decreek is sure to make waves in 2018!