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The Dirty Nil with Slow at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, CMW 2018

Photos by Katrina Lat

Tough act to follow those boys from the Dirty Nil. Bursting at the seams with youthful energy, the Hamilton-area three placed a huge wall up along the obvious generational divide on this night at the phoenix concert theatre.

Standing at the back of the room, those patiently waiting for the evenings headliners Slow, had the appearance of parents dropping their kids off at Warped tour. Maybe even, grandparents.

Even when Nil hype man, guitarist/singer Luke Bentham did his best to pump up the veterans to a crowd let’s face it,  most had one foot out the door the second they left the stage.

A shame because they missed something special.

With plenty of personal space to enjoy this long-anticipated reunion, Vancouver’s Slow eased in to their set. Yes, both band and crowd seemed tentative at first, like old flames wondering if it was still going to be magic.

Missing was singer Thomas Anselmi which perhaps added to the confusion. Two songs in he joined the band and things quickly fell in to a familiar groove.

Coming off like a goth mick jagger, Anselmi strutted the life back in to the venue. Plenty of meat still left on them bones.

One person at the front of the stage kindly took it upon himself to tie the singers shoe. No nod to your elders, just respect where respect is due.

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