BITE Beauty Lip Lab – Toronto

Last month my younger cousin, Jenna, was in town from Florida and I wanted to do a special girls day with her. With both of us being slightly obsessed with lipsticks, I thought it would be a unique experience to take her to the BITE Beauty Lip Lab to create our own liptsicks.

There are two options when you go to the Lip Lab; the first is a custom lipstick where you choose an exclusive pre-made shade, the finish of the lipstick, and the scent. This will run you $55 for one lipstick or $80 for two. The second option, which we opted for, was the Be Spoke Service. It’s $150 per person, but you get two lipsticks and you have the opportunity to create your own custom shade from scratch.

The whole process from start to finish was a lot of fun, and our artist Arielle did a fantastic job helping us create the perfect shades. We started out by mapping out what colour we were aiming for along with the finish of the lipstick (did we want it matte? Shiney? Or the Lip Lab exclusive finish, “Cuvee”?). Jenna opted for a bold red and a nude, while I wanted to get a berry red and a bold blue.

Arielle started mixing our colours one at a time, and from there we would try on the lipstick and decide how we wanted to proceed from there; did we want it lighter or darker? Did we want it to have a different undertone, ect. Once we were set on our final colours we had the opportunity to choose the scents of our lipsticks (I went with Cherry Lime while Jenna did one Cherry and one Vanilla), and then we got to watch Arielle mix out our shades into little containers and put them in their lipstick molds. The last step after that was to name the shades we had just created, and the names of the lipsticks got engraved onto the lids, which I thought was a nice touch.

At the end of our appointment, our lipsticks were packaged up into a little box and we also received a mini lip mask, cherry lip scrub, and lip liner. The whole experience was a lot of fun, and I’d highly recommend the Be Spoke service to anyone who is a makeup junkie or is looking for a unique shade – they can literally make every colour you can imagine. They also give you a card with the formula of your lipsticks written down on it, in case you want to re-buy it later.

Note : If you end up creating more than two shades that you enjoy, the additional lipsticks can be added for only $55 more.

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