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Depeche Mode at Air Canada Centre

Photos by Randall Vasquez.

80’s electronic-rock band, Depeche Mode, brought their closing night of the Global Spirit tour to the Air Canada Centre, on Monday July 11th.

The ACC was sold out, and the excitement was in the air. They opened up the night with a cover of The Beatles, “Revolution,” which was a crowd hit.

Although the band has most definitely aged, as an audience member, I witnessed growth more than anything. Personally, when viewing concerts featuring older and respectable artists, my expectations are slightly less than typical due to the simple fact of aging, and perhaps potential lack of energy. With Depeche Mode, this was certainly not the case.

Singer, Martin Gore, was eccentric the entire set. He was consistently dancing, and always making the utmost effort to involve and energize the crowd, in which he consistently succeeded. I believe the band is a perfect display of a passionate drive towards their music, resulting in long-term growing success. So long as you are passionate, you can continue to strive high and put on an unforgettable show (with the exception of health problems, specifically speaking to older musicians). Not only was Gore and members filled with energy but, Gore also sounded identical to the record, which was unbelievable.

Some highlights of the set included the following performances of “World in My Eyes,” “In Your Room,” controversial track “Enjoy the Silence,” and of course the closing song, “Personal Jesus.”

Visuals and lighting were on point to the mood the entire set, going along with the electronic and psychedelic moods that the songs bring forward.

Overall, I feel as though Depeche Mode is a must-see live band, should you be a concert goer. I don’t see how one could ever leave disappointed from such a well rounded set. The energy, talent, and visuals are all there- it’s all very genuine and well crafted. 

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