Concert Reviews

Harry Styles at the Air Canada Centre

Harry Styles formerly of the Boy Band One Direction , played to a packed to the rafters Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night.

Country singer Kacey Musgraves is the opening act for the North American part of the tour.

After a brief intermission , you could hear and feel the mainly teen girl audience buzzing with anticipation.

A pair of hands were trying to solve a Rubiks Cube puzzle on the giant screen on stage , set to a Pink Floyd song.

Then the lights went out. In unison the young fans let out a piercing shriek that was absolutely deafening , and louder than any heavy metal show that I’ve ever attended.

It seems as if the stage raised up off the ground with the drummer perched high up above , amid much smoke and blinding strobe lights Harry Styles suddenly emerged on

the stage.

If it’s possible , the screaming girls got even louder once they saw Harry on stage.

Wearing what looked like a pink suit with gold trim , he was all over the stage blowing kisses and waving to fans.

It seems as though everyone in attendence was thrilled with his performance.

Harry Styles set list:

.1 Only Angel
.2 Woman
.3 Ever Since New York
.4 Two Ghosts
.5 Carolina
.6 Stockholm Syndrome
.7 Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart
.8 Medicine
.9 Meet Me In The Hallway
10 Sweet Creature
11 If I Could Fly
12 Anna
13 What Makes YOu Beautiful
14 Sign Of The Times
15 From The Dining Table
16 The Chain
17 Kiwi