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Dave Matthews Band at Budweiser Stage

The Dave Matthews band (also known by the acronym DMB) played at the Budweiser Stage recently to a sold out crowd. Toronto was the second of three shows within Canada. There was no supporting act with them, it was just all Dave all night!

The crowd were on their feet from the moment the band stepped out on stage. Dave came out with a big smile and did this ape like gesture, waiving his arms through the air. The fans roared.

The Dave Matthews band is known for jamming their songs, ad-libbing as they go along. It’s quite the experience to listen to these talented musicians basically wing it, and to sound as professional as it does. Their funky moments where my personal favorite. Another interesting fact is their set list varies from night to night, so you never know what to expect.

They performed 2 songs that were debuted on this tour in Toronto; Lover Lay Down and Grace is Gone. They also performed a cover of Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. Their entire set list comprised of a whopping 21 songs.

The audience certainly had no qualms with their appreciation of the band. I have been to some sold out shows where the band barely gets a soul standing and have a moment of applause, but this show was all out fan wise. Yelling, singing and dancing could be seen from all areas of the venue.

An entertaining show by all means, if you have the chance to see them perform, don’t miss out!

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