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67: Contra Zoom Presents… Hitchcock

On this week’s episode Dakota Arsenault is joined by Zach Sokol, host of Radio Camp Half Blood a Percy Jackson read-a long podcast. The two talk about director Alfred Hitchcock one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. They talk about his legacy on cinema history and their favourite works by him.

If you were to recommend a Hitchcock film to introduce someone to his work the guys have a few options. Zach rec’s The Birds or Psycho while Dakota suggests Rear Window. 

While breaking down Hitchcock’s films into tiers they try to make a Mount Rushmore of his work. They agree on Psycho and Vertigo while Dakota suggests Rebecca and Rear Window to round it out contrasting with Zach wants Strangers on a Train and The Lady Vanishes.

Zach informs Dakota that a sequel to The Birds exists called The Birds II: Land’s End (“directed” by Alan Smithee like Zach assumed it was). Surprisingly Tippi Hedren, also in this sequel but not as the same character. 

You can watch the original Psycho trailer where Hitchcock gives the audience a tour of the Bates Motel HERE.

In a fun game of over rated/under rated the named some other picks.

Dakota- Over rated: Notorious and The Birds

Under rated: The Wrong Man and I Confess! (honourable mention Rebecca)

Zach- Over rated: Rebecca

Under rated: Rope

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