Lush Christmas Haul

The holiday season is upon us and Lush has rolled out a slew of new bath bombs as part of their 2018 Holiday Collection. Going into the store I had to show some restraint as I practically wanted to pick up one of everything. I also cannot remember the last time Lush has had this many new bath bombs rolled out at once.

First up we have the bath bomb I was most excited to get my hands on : World’s Smallest Disco. It’s literally every goth kid’s dream, a black bath with glitter and beautiful pops of colour. It’s truly mesmerizing. The scent of this bath bomb is very citrussy, falling towards more of the lime and grapefruit side of things which is pretty refreshing. I did find this bath bomb to have a bit of a cleanup involved when I drained my bath but it was nothing too bad.

Cheery Christmas is another new bomb for 2018. The scent is fruity but not quite citrussy, it gives off more of a berry hint and I can’t think of any other Lush products that smell like this. It’s quite pleasant. When dropped in the water this bomb gave off a bright pink and blue colour which blended into a beautiful shade of purple.

The last new bath bomb I picked up was the Santa Bomb Bomb. Unlike the other bombs, this one tends to be on the pricier side of things as it can be split into two baths since it’s two bath bombs stacked onto each other. Santa’s scent reminds me of cherry cola and because I’m a little gluttonous when it comes to my baths, I dropped both bombs in at once. The bath water turned to a bright orange-red which I wasn’t expecting. I was hoping for a more deep blue-red as opposed to the warmer shade of things. Santa is one of 3 Bomb Bombs as it also comes in a snowman and a princess shape, each with a different scent.

Now it’s time for my annual favourites. Golden Wonder has been a staple for me ever since it’s first release. The scent of this bath bomb reminds me of my all time favourite (and sadly discontinued) bomb Supernova. I’m not entirely sure how to describe the scent of this one, as it’s something that I think is pretty unique and I’ve always associated exclusively with Lush, but according to the website it’s supposed to remind you of champagne with hints of orange and lime. Whatever it is, it smells amazing and this bomb itself is pretty unique too. When you pick it up you’ll notice that it makes a rattling noise. Once dropped into the water two fizzlers emerge as the bomb dissolves and glitter along with some star shaped pieces are released. The golden outside combined with the blue interior reveals a beautiful sparkling turquoise bath. You seriously cannot go wrong with this one!

Shoot For The Stars is another long time returning favourite. A couple years ago it was redesigned, but it was originally known all over social media as the ‘galaxy bath bomb’ as it used to give off streaks of purple, pink and yellow when placed in the water, creating some truly unique pieces of bath art.  Now this bomb gives you a luxurious bath as it features 3 golden star shaped mini fizzlers. The bath turns a pretty blue with gold glitter and is scented like Honey I Washed The Kids.

One of Lush’s fan favourite scents Snow Fairy made it’s debut in jelly bomb form last year, and I’m happy to report that it’s back again.  The scent is a very distinct sweet candy smell and as the bomb melts it creates a layer of jelly on the top. Surprisingly, the jelly is an easy clean up as it dissolves in the water after about 10 minutes. This bomb leaves your skin feeling really soft and moisturized.

The last bath product in this haul is Star Light Star Bright. I have a love/hate relationship with this bath melt as I absolutely love the scent, bath art, and final colour of the water… but the clean up was not fun at all. Last year after using this luxurious bath melt my body and tub was covered in glitter on top of tracking glitter everywhere I went for a whole day. It was on my couch, my clothes, bed sheets – literally everywhere! But this year I heard it was supposedly going to be less glittery, and I wanted to give it another try. Now I can happily report that this bath melt has been added to my list of all time favourites as this year I did not have the same issue as before. The scent is a refreshing blend of lime and ginger, and as seen in this photo, the melt gives off beautiful streaks of turquoise, pink and orange. Together they make a beautiful lavender coloured bath with shimmery silver sparkles.

Finally, I’m ending the haul with the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. I never really cared for the lip scrub scents that Lush carries in their every day collection, but toss in something black currant flavoured and I’m all over it. I definitely stock up on this to last me throughout the year.

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