Running with Power, Running with STRYD

As a runner and man of science, I’m always looking for new gizmos to help quantify my performance. The fitness industry is saturated with smart watches, chest heart rate monitors, and a plethora of apps to track all of this data. While metrics such as cadence, speed, distance, heart rate, etc. are the usual data points analyzed, STRYD has now made running power available to the masses. 

What is running power? If you’re a cyclist, you will know that one of the most important metrics is your watt output. Similarly, the STRYD foot pod does just this, but for your feet. While there are some a few other companies that provide power data, such as the MilestonePod, Garmin Footpod, and the recently launched Polar Vantage watch, none are as simple, accurate, and effective as the STRYD. 


The unit comes with a cool wireless charging dock, that you drop the foot pod onto. Similar to that of the Apple Watch. 

The beauty of the STRYD is that it can be quickly added and removed to any shoe you decide to run in. It’s small, light and sleek, IP67 water resistant, has a very long battery life, and never really gets in the way. One killer feature is that STRYD doesn’t require any sort of calibration. You just put it on your shoe, and go. Post-run, you will go to the online STRYD PowerCenter, where all of your juicy data and metics can be found. From there STRYD can determine your overall stress load and peaks. The idea is simple straight from the website: “You get a single power target to follow during your race. Follow this power target and you will run faster than ever.” 


One of my favourite features is the “Race Power Calculator”. Based off your training runs, you will be able to predict and set power targets for any distance race you have on your events calendar. On paper, if you run from the start to the finish line at your power target, you should never bonk, fatigue, and hit the wall. I will be using STRYD to find my ideal power targets during this winter post-season, and then utilize it for my 2019 running and triathlon races. 

It syncs seamlessly with Apple Watch, Garmin Fenix lineup, Suunto, Polar, iPhone, Android, and apps such as Zwift, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, just to name a few. 


Speaking of Zwift, both companies have a nice collaboration going on. Since winter is coming, and us runners who dislike the cold will be upping our distance on the treadmill. Many will find this a rather boring experience. However, thanks to Zwift and the STRYD, you can now run inside a virtual reality multiplayer game! Many cyclist use Zwift as a training tool for long rides, and workouts. Players can now use Zwift to run in the world of Watopia for long runs, various marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K training plans, and race events. 

Professional athletes such as Ben Kanute use STRYD to hit new personal bests and now so can you. STRYD Pod retails for $199 USD. 

Overall, I really like the idea of STRYD the company, and the foot pod unit. And I really believe that using power as a new metric will help improve my running next season. Stay tuned! 

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