5 Reasons To Catch Ghost’s A Pale Tour Named Death

Ghost have embarked on the North American leg of their Pale Tour Named Death, and we had the opportunity to catch the show at the Dr. Phillips Theatre of Performing Arts in Orlando, Fl. We’ve had the pleasure of covering Ghost ever since their sophomore album, Infestissumam, was released in 2013, and it’s been neat to see how much they’ve grown since then. Here are some of our reasons why we think their upcoming tour is a must see.

  1. Ghost’s ability to attract any and everyone.
    Something that was always unique about Ghost is their ability to reach more than just your average hard rock/metal listeners. It’s very evident when you attend their shows and see how diverse the crowd is. It’s like they’ve found the secret recipe that captivates every single demographic. I’ve seen everything from kids with their parents, teens, and adults both young and old at these shows just having a good time singing along to all of the songs and it only seems to be going up from here as their new songs ‘Rats’ and ‘Dance Macabre’ hit the airwaves.
  2. Getting to attend an arena quality show in a more intimate setting.
    No matter the size of the venue, Ghost has a way of transforming it into a grand production. Paying attention to every single detail from the costume changes to the stage props, and even right down to the flooring, nothing is missed. It’s quite literally putting an arena sized show into a smaller venue, and I can’t even begin to imagine how all of this will translate once they start doing arena headlining tours. Even if their music isn’t your cup of tea, it’s still worth checking out for the quality of the production.
  3. Cardinal Copia, the Ghouls, Ghulehs & Papa Nil.
    It just used to be Papa and the Ghouls on stage, but the Prequelle era has brought some new characters into the mix. Cardinal Copia is the new leader of Ghost as he’s training to hopefully become the new Papa. Since the clergy cannot let him go on tour alone, Papa Nil (the father of the previous Papas) is on tour with him to keep a watchful eye. With that said, Papa Nil makes an appearance for his sax solo during the performance of ‘Miasma’ which really got the crowd going. Along with the Nameless Ghouls, we have now been introduced to the Nameless Ghulehs who perform on the keys. It was a ball to watch them play as they would also occasionally be seen doing synchronized dance moves. No matter where you looked on stage, there was always something interesting going on.
  4. 2.5 hours of just Ghost.
    If you’re already familiar with the band this tour is a special treat. Instead of having an opener for the tour, Ghost is performing two acts with a 15 minute intermission in between which means all of the fan favourites new and old are getting played. Even some songs that were taken out of the rotation has made it’s way back in such as ‘Satan Prayer’ and ‘Jigolo Har Megiddo’
  5. Veneration Of Relics
    If you purchase the Cardinal Copia meet and greet upgrade, you’ll also be granted access to the Veneration of Relics. This mini exhibit is a must for any die-hard Ghost fan as it features the original costumes of Papa I, Papa II and Papa III. This was one of the highlights for me when I attended the Rats On The Road Tour back in May and I’m glad to see that they’ve brought back the exhibit for more people to experience.

Be sure to catch Ghost’s A Pale Tour Named Death when it hits Toronto on December 8th at the Sony Centre and their new album ‘Prequelle’ is now available everywhere. Also be sure to check out our friends over at Children of Ghost to stay on top of everything Ghost related!

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