World Premiere

Video Premiere: “LOVE NEVER DIES” by ATOM & BLUXZ (feat. Dallas & 5Star)

After a Successful #1 Radio Single in Quebec both Atom and Dallas musical energy and connection continue to flourish in their new single “Love Never Dies”. With Atom Song on the year award in Belgium and Gold Certified production including Bluxz going 2x Gold Certified, this was bound to bit a hit. While playing the instrumental in the studio, “Love Never Dies” it caught the attention of songwriter’s Dallas and 5Star, that night they wrote the hook and this edgy pop sound was created. 

The new single is a dynamic pop track that blends elements of rock and hip hop to a blindingly perfect chorus. It’s one of those songs that fits comfortably alongside your clubs hits, workout jams, and thought-provoking anthems. The production never overshadows the easy chemistry between Dallas and 5Star, instead, the propulsive beat and elegant synth work envelope the vocals, enhancing their every phrase. ‘Love Never Dies’ is a radiant, multifaceted track that will have you searching for the repeat button.

From the Artist: We were just having fun with it, we didn’t know it would turn into a pop song. There should never be pressure to create a hit. You need to be 100% true to yourself without limitations. You’d be amazed at what can come from having this mentality.”


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