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Song Premiere : “Empty Promises” by Another Crush

From The Artist : We all have that person we just can’t get out of our heads. As hard as we try to move on, they linger in our dreams, trying to convince us this time will be different.

“Empty Promises” is all about that feeling, and how killer it can be!

Your heart gets broken when you fall in love with an illusion. I lived through this, dealing with someone who wasn’t who I thought they were. I know this is a universal story that a lot of us are facing, so this song’s for you.

You’re never alone!

Another Crush is an indie rock band with a blonde tsunami frontwoman, an alternative sound, and lyrics that will light up the darkest parts of your heart.

Their new song “Empty Promises” has an arresting 90s rock-inspired sound and has been paired with an emotionally raw video. The song is an exhilarating rush of muted power chords and highly stylized vocals. The band’s tightly wound rhythm section makes the chorus explode with a refined melodic sensibility. The emotional core is what separates the song from their radio-friendly contemporaries. There’s an anguished, plaintive quality in these hooks, a vulnerability behind the tough exterior.

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