Lush Review : Magic Bath Bomb

Magic was originally introduced as part of Lush’s Halloween line but didn’t become a reoccurring bath bomb in their annual line. With their celebration of 30 years of the bath bomb, Lush has brought back this beauty for a limited time. I was first drawn into this bomb because I kept seeing pictures of how the water turns from a beautiful turquoise to a deep blue. I never had the chance to try this when it was first released, but my first impressions was that this bomb smelt super earthy and it wasn’t something I was very fond of. I let it sit out for a bit outside of my box of bath bombs and found that it was actually very pleasant! Super happy I was able to give this a try. It fizzled out pretty fast but it was nice watching the colour change quickly.

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Content & Social Media Editor at Live in Limbo. Kat holds a BFA in Visual Arts from York University.