Five most comfortable PC gaming chairs to buy on a budget

Choosing to invest in a gaming chair is not an easy decision. Some gamers still opt to keep playing on a traditional chair. However, once you decide it is best to care for your health and comfort even as you play, the need to find the right gaming chair arises. 

Since gaming chairs can be expensive, it helps to find one that can befit your needs, support your weight comfortably, and be within your budget. Here are the top 5 comfortable PC gaming chairs you can buy when on a tight budget:

Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair

The Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair is one of the best gaming chairs to buy while on a budget. It is particularly amazing because it has the design and looks of a high-end gaming chair like the vertagear triigger gaming chair, which makes it such a suitable option for gamers that are very drawn to luxurious lifestyles, even on a budget. 

This chair has several ergonomic features that make it very comfortable, including, a high backrest, generous padding all around, with a PU leather cover to the entire framework for a comfortable gaming experience. Besides, it comes with a retractable footrest for which to stretch your legs as you game, which ties everything together.

Other than that, you would be impressed to note that this chair has an impressive weight capacity of around 310 pounds. It has quite a sturdy built that rightfully so supports that weight. 

Giantex High-Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Chair

If you are working with a very lean budget, you might just have the gaming chair for your money, going for under $100. The best news is that it features a heavy-duty base and sturdy frame will fully accommodate your weight, up to 264lbs. Besides, this chair fashions a racing bucket seat design that is very comfortable to sit on, especially coupled with the generous padding all around. 

One of the major selling points of this gaming chair is the fact that it is very sleek and professional looking, which makes it very appealing to the eye. The fabric covering the chair is also breathable, which brings about a cooling effect as you play, even the intense games, without trapping a lot of heat and sweat. It is also very adjustable for the backrest and height, which elevates the comfort level of a player.

Merax Ergonomic Office Chair

The Merax ergonomic office chair is characterized by a modern style and PU leather that is very manageable, not to mention, fade resistant. For that, and the fact that it is very flexible and adjustable, it attracts a lot of players. Other than adjustability of the backrest for up to 180 degrees, it also comes with a 360-degree swivel wheel that glides very smoothly. Besides, you can adjust the angle of the armrest, which is not a common trait for budget gaming chairs. 

More to the reasons, it is a very comfortable chair is its adequate padding all around. It even comes with pillows for the lumbar support and the headrest, making it a very comfortable option for gamers.

Office Star ProGrid

If the first three options have not already moved you, then you will go for the Office Star ProGrid that has an admirable tweakability that cannot be matched by other budget gaming chairs. Although the design of this chair looks a lot like the traditional office chair, the comfort level cannot be compared. The chair is very adjustable for height and recline. Other than that, it features a mesh back and a fabric seat, which is a perfect combination that allows for proper air circulation during gaming. This will better elevate the comfort of the gaming chair throughout your gameplay.

Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

This chair is very comfortable to sit on, given the adequate padding, the high backrest and the side panels bolstering the headrest. It also features mesh in the high-back unit, which helps with circulation and cooling the body as you game. Other than that, it comes with a dedicated lumbar support that takes care of your lumbar region throughout gaming sessions. Overall, the chair has a unique appearance that can draw a lot of players, and since it is a budget gaming chair, then it suits this list.