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Song Premiere : “Pretty Necklace” by Laraw

From The Artist : At the end of the day, the people you love will always matter more than money. After losing my job, I decided to help out the family business. Never letting an opportunity go to waste, the visuals for my brand new track – “Pretty Necklace” – double as a makeshift commercial for my dad’s garage.

I’m deeply passionate about fashion, and model occasionally for some of my favourite local brands. Up-and-coming designer @ray.anh.tuan custom-makes all of my outfits, including those worn in the “Pretty Necklace” video

Laraw (Lara Rawadi) is a Montréal-born singer-songwriter of Moroccan and Lebanese origins. Initially on track for a career in the video game industry, Laraw elected to pursue her musical aspirations by studying music production and sound design, truly leaning into her nerdy side.

Rawadi writes to cope with life’s stressful ways, as a result, her words are raw, intimate, personal and quasi-therapeutical. Acoustic instruments often find their way in the Indie Trap and RnB concoctions of producer and collaborator Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Loud, Heartfelt).

Her new single “Pretty Necklace” is an R&B track with dark undertones that’s been paired with an upbeat, personality bursting visual. You’ll swear that there’s colour emanating from every pore of your computer screen. The song exudes charm, idiosyncratic attitude, and a star-making performance from Laraw.

In the “Pretty Necklace” video, you’ll see a woman of character: Funny, badass and energetic, she entertains a tight-knit group of friends at a pop-up BBQ hosted by her father. After losing her job, Laraw decided to help out the family business, never letting an opportunity go to waste, the “Pretty Necklace” video doubles as a makeshift commercial for her dad’s garage.

Her debut EP is set to release this fall.

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