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Song Premiere : “Tread Lightly” by Kyra Mastro

From The Artist : This song is about having a nightmare about someone close to you. In the dream they hurt you and you saw a side of them you had never seen before. When you wake you’re shocked by how real the dream felt and as you face them in the morning you’re conflicted. You know that it was a dream, but it’s hard to un-imagine the monster they became. I co-produced this track with Jonathan Karkar. We both are story-tellers I co-produced this track with my music partner, Jonathan Karkar. We are both story-tellers through music and are heavily influenced by theatre, so our songs tend to take you on an emotional journey through dynamic peaks and valleys to represent the human experience. I think dreams are very interesting. I wonder if nightmares say something about our fears and insecurities. Or maybe they mean nothing at all. What do you think

Kyra Mastro is a pop fusion artist from Toronto. She experiments with different styles such as jazz, r&b, pop, and hip hop while still being influenced by her classical and musical theatre background. Her music is comparable to Marian Hill and Julia Michaels, with a focus on connecting to her fans through her musical storytelling. “If I can make a connection to one person, I can connect to everyone,” Kyra said. With the recent success of her collaboration with Canadian EDM artist FAMBA reaching over 500,000 streams she is continuing to focus on songwriting and is planning to release a new single called “Tread Lightly” fall 2019 produced by Jonathan Karkar. After ten years of songwriting, she is finally proud of where her evolution has brought her. Kyra’s music is driven by her storytelling and always stays melodic, rangey, and groovy af. Kyra is excited to share her experience with the world, while continuously learning from those around her.

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