79: Brad Templeton

For the 79th episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah is chatting with Brad Templeton. Brad Templeton is a Canadian software developer, internet entrepreneur, online community pioneer, publisher of news, comedy, science fiction and e-books, writer, photographer, civil rights advocate, futurist, public speaker, educator and self-driving car consultant. He graduated from the University of Waterloo. He is/was: 

  • Chairman of Electronic Frontier Foundation from 2000 to 2010
  • Inventor on 21 patents in self-driving cars and telephony
  • Founder and CEO of ClariNet Communications, the first company founded to engage in commercial activity over the early Internet
  • the first employee of VisiCorp (then called Personal Software Inc.) the first PC applications software company
  • a board member of the Foresight Institute, one of the oldest futurist organizations and the leading one in the field of Nanotechnology
  • Chair for Networks and Computing on the founding faculty for Singularity University, an educational institution and think-tank devoted to rapidly changing technology and its effects
  • In 2010, he joined the Google self-driving car project (now known as Waymo) where he consulted on strategy and technology
  • a consulting advisor for Starship Technologies in the delivery robot space and Quanergy LIDAR, among others


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