Greatest Songs of All Time

There are songs that come and stay with us for a long time. This is because they just hit the right cord and become a favourite for many people. In fact, they end up becoming inspiration in our lives. We use these great songs to create memories, listen to when we are working out, when we play our favourite online casino games at sites such as https://www.cancasinos.ca, and more.

Below are the greatest songs of all time that a lot of people are still jamming to to this day.

R. Kelly, ‘Ignition (Remix)’

This song was released on 10 October 2002 by Jive records, and was on the number 2 spot for 42 weeks. The original, uncensored version of this song appeared on The chocolate Factory. However, a Chicago radio station requested that the lyrics be toned down, as they were way too explicit for national radio.

Gloria Gaynor, ‘I Will Survive’

The song was released by Polydor in 1978 and was on the number 1 spot for 27 weeks straight. Gloria Gaynor made this song at a time when her music career was falling apart. This was right after her mother’s death and she had had a spinal surgery. At that time, Donna Summer had replaced Gaynor as the queen of disco. DJs all over the nation started playing the song at discos, which catapulted it into a smash hit including being played at some real money online slots.

Justin Timberlake, ‘Cry Me a River’

This was another Jive Records release in November 2002 and was on number 3 for 20 weeks. The song was supported by a stunning video. In the video, Timberlake seems to be stalking a girl who, funny enough, resembled his ex, Britney Spears.

Kelly Clarkson, ‘Since U Been Gone’

This song, released by RCA, was on number 2 for 42 weeks. Originally, when the song was written, the writers had Pink in mind. However, the song ended up going to Kelly Clarkson and the results were tremendous. The song, performed by the first American idol, became a template for all new pop songs after that.

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