Mini Lush Valentine’s Day Haul

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to seeing the new collections Lush has to offer. It’s been a little different this past year given the pandemic and being unable to shop in store, but nonetheless it’s still pretty exciting. This year we saw a couple new additions to the Valentine’s Day line such as the Blow Me a Kiss Bubble Blower and the Naked Attraction Massage Bar, while fan favouites such as the Love Boat Bath Bomb returned for another year.

Kicking off this mini haul we have the Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Blower. The site says it was inspired by the pouts of Jessica Rabbit and the Rolling Stones logo, and the scent is listed as citrusy. I don’t get the citrusy scent; to me it smells a lot like a mix between strawberries and cherry fun dip. I haven’t gotten around to use this one yet, I love the scent too much and currently have it in my room so everything can smell like it… If I’m being honest I’ll probably buy a few more before they’re gone.

Next up we have the Naked Attraction Massage Bar. I’m not going to lie, I mainly bought it because of it’s cheeky shape. The scent isn’t something I would usually go for as it’s very floral while having a mild citrusy scent underneath. Scent aside, I did enjoy using this after my shower in place of lotion as it did keep my skin moisturized. My only complaint is that it melts quickly in your hands and can get pretty greasy if you use too much.

It’s not officially a Lush Valentine’s Day haul without mentioning the Love Boat Bath Bomb. For the past few years this bath bomb has been one of the ones that I stock up on to last me through out the year. The scent is very sweet and reminds me of a mix between fruity pebbles and conversation hearts while the bath water is absolutely stunning shade of purple, which is surprising because the boat lets off a lot of yellow, pink and blue.

The last thing in this mini haul is the Orange Shower Scrub. As the name implies, this shower scrub smells like oranges – more specifically, it reminds me of Sunny D. Between the orange juice, essential oils, sea salt and orange peels infused in it; this shower scrub is extremely uplifting and sweet. Using it always puts me in a great mood, this is actually my 2nd refill from when it was first introduced at Christmas time and it’s made it’s way into the rotation of products in my shower.


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