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Song Premiere : “Down” – Fair Visions

Fair Visions are a band that need to be on your music radar now. From start to finish their new single “Down,” will have you head over heels for the band. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the group are ready to take their rock n’ roll sound to the world. With dreamy lyricism and vibrant instrumentation we hear the very heart, soul and ambition of the band. This unique and notable sound shows the skills of the band; not only as songwriters but performers as well.

The song is the first single from the group’s new EP Modern Kids. It begins with a plea from the heart — a rueful admission of how things really are. Plaintive as a long-lost friend in need, the song introduces the winding melancholy that permeates the record’s six tracks. “Down” helps to set the tone for the entire EP; a fragile sound that is not afraid to speak it’s mind or be loud. “Down” is Fair Visions’ most ‘delicate’ song to date as it brings elements of desperation for solace. With elements placed gorgeously throughout, we hear sonically charming sounds such as synthesizers, gracefully fingerpicked electric guitars, and a rhythm section that helps to bring it all together.

With this clear-eyed focus they offer a bit of a warm, welcoming, even inviting world.

From The Artist
: “Down” is a song I’d had in my head a long time. Both the desire to have someone be there in times of need and the tension of being alone in one’s own thoughts guided this song to what it is now. In relation to the songs to come, “Down” could be seen as the base state and the others channels off the river.” – Ryan Work,

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