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Song Premiere : “Running” – Eliot Popkin

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and author Eliot Popkin is back with his most personal single to date titled “Running,” which is the title track from his latest EP release Running. This is Eliot at his most vulnerable, speaking his truth through gorgeous instrumentation and self reflective verse.

“Running” is a soul filled and expressive song, with folk guitar and a gentle percussion accompanying Eliot’s truly memorable voice.

Eliot’s high notes, in particular, stay with the listener long after the song has finished playing. “Running” follows on from his earlier single release this year, “Fighter”. Another beautiful piece of music which saw Popkin’s re-entry on to the music scene after a break away.

Connecting truths cast upon the salty seascape of Winthrop Massachusetts with the current realities washing up in our global consciousness, Popkin once again invites the listener on a journey of introspection and re-emergence. You can almost feel the windy beaches of Winthrop Massachusetts echoing throughout this beautiful and haunting piece of work. Eliot creates acoustic pop similar to Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and Tracy Chapman with a little Limineers and a dash of Mumford and Sons.

Eliot began writing poetry and singing at only six years old, later graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a BA in Songwriting. Drawing inspiration from the 60s and 70s and artists, Popkin writes songs about his own life and personal challenges.

His previous record releases include the critically acclaimed “Down Along this Road” and “Endless Ride”, both which made a splash.

We are delighted to welcome Eliot Popkin back with “Running,” out via all digital outlets today.

From the artist : “Running is about having a broken heart and not being ready to deal with it. So, I hop on a train and it just starts traveling. As the train ride keeps going on, I am able to breathe and realize I need to face my own fears. “Can somebody please stop time” is the moment where I realize that how I deal with this breakup, this challenge in life, this moment – it really is up to me. I don’t have to run, I can face my fears. As painful as that may seem, there is grace in that moment. It is an authentic and honest moment.“

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