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EP Premiere : “Sunroom 83” – Raimie

Artist and producer Raimie delivers a stunning 6-song EP, which arrives on all digital outlets today. Titled Sunroom 83, this is bound to be Raimie’s most impressive release yet….and his past work is hard to beat.

Building on his ever growing and expansive musical catalog of collaboration and singles, Sunroom 83, has Raimie bringing a bold and captivating sound to the table. The tracks flow smoothly throughout the release, making the release Intense, open, and vulnerable.

Overall and notably, the lyrics balance staccato word play with openhearted confessionals and incisive hooks. This is a theme that carries throughout the entirety of the release, and the effect is immediate, compelling, and one-hundred-percent Raimie.

Raimie moved to Los Angeles two months before the COVID-19 lockdown, and his newest songs celebrate the spirit of survival in a wicked season. This is evident in each and every track, as it holds together for a release that is bold and captivating.

With multiple EP releases, a series of singles, music videos alongside extensive production, mixing, and collaboration credits, Raimie is at home behind the board as he is in the vocal booth…and it shows. Having studied at the Cre8 Academy in partnership with famed Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles, where legendary projects including Michael Jackson’s Thriller were famously tracked, Raimie creates music the only way he knows how; from an honest place.

For the release’s title, he reflects back on his beginnings as a music creator, working on his art while attending Rutgers University, toiling away in hours long stretches of intense grind in the namesake Sunroom 83 in the dead of winter. Kicking off the release it the song “Who Told You,” which helps to set the tone for Sunroom 83, and the momentum keeps on flowing.

Across the span of songs that comprise Sunroom 83, Raimie bring to center stage the essential themes with his relentless currents of lyrical flow. These are songs of hard won wisdom that grow

deeper upon repeating listening. His realness and vulnerability shines through as his eclectic set of skills are elegantly showcased from writing to performing to producing.

Raimie is fully illuminated in Sunroom 83 and we’re on the edge of our seats to hear more from the artist who is not only making waves, but turning heads and opening minds.

Sunroom 83 is out via all digital outlets today.

Artist Statement
: When I decided to create Sunroom 83, I wanted to give people a sense of not just who I am now, but what the catalyst for my whole career was, where it all started. The dedication, the work ethic even in freezing cold New Jersey winters, the willingness to chase a dream and be authentically me in the process, and above all else an undying love for music. I’ve always believed since that experience I have the power to change lives and help people discover their own beauty through all their trials and tribulations. This album is about self belief, perseverance, and finding your truest self in this thing we call Life.

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